19th March 2020

To all clients,

This week has certainly seen some significant changes in the government’s response to Covid-19 and the numbers rise inexorably. We would like to thank all clients for their support and understanding in the way we are approaching this disease and indeed applaud some for their adaptability in how they work with us. We are a few days into our new system of working, ie all the vets working remotely and working a half office team. Combined with our medicines delivery service, this “social distancing” has reduced visits to the office to nearly nil. The vets are always available on the phone and clinical advice should be sought this way.

Despite some staff absences and self-isolation, on-farm visits have remained as normal this week and we fully intend that we keep it that way. The medicines delivery service has already proved to be very popular. One aspect that can improve its efficiency is when you make an order, you will be asked where the medicines can be left in the event nobody is present. This might be in the dairy, or the box at the bottom of the lane, but please can you have an answer ready.

Clinical work – Our priority is to continue to provide an effective and efficient service as possible by following common sense, and abiding by the government’s approach. Many have fertility or disease reduction/eradication programmes ongoing and we will maintain these, and as normal, we will always prioritise emergency visits over everything else. However we would ask and remind everyone that there may well have to be some flexibility on timing depending on how many vets we have available that particular day – there may have to be last minute changes. None of the vets are based in the office so normal drive times will not apply.

TB Testing – I do not believe that the government will drop TB testing so expect that to continue at the moment no matter what. Shortly, we expect an APHA statement about how they will approach testing and we may have to adjust timings at the last minute depending on how many vets we have on the day, and to keep as many people within their window as possible. There may be a slackening of rules to allow tests to be carried out late without SFP penalty but there will almost certainly be prioritisation that we will be compelled to follow, and some hoops for you to jump through so do not leave booking in your test till the last minute. It will be far better to have your test booked and cancelled than leaving it till the last week of your window!

Two requests – Social distancing and hygiene are both key in the control of this disease, just like any other infectious disease.

1. Please maintain a distance of at least 2m (three large steps) between yourself and the attending vets wherever possible and practical to help avoid transmission between farmer and vet. Please don’t be offended if you are asked to stand back. This is for your protection as much as it is for our vets.

2. Please make sure there is always a bucket of hot water and soap so the attending vet can clean up. They all have  appropriate disinfectant but that only works when everything else has been removed!

Communication and knowledge – is everything. From now on, for further general information, always phone the office – 01743 860920 – and they will be able to advise you on the day as to the current situation. We will be sending updates by email and will use the newsletter list for this purpose. If you do not already receive the newsletter by email and you want to receive updates, please email the office to get added to the list – For the avoidance of typo errors, please do not give this over the phone. If you do not want to receive these, please speak to the office.

We have an active presence on social media – www.facebook.com/ShropshireFarmVets and
www.twitter.com/ShropFarmVets. These will be updated regularly.

Medicines Delivery Service – As said earlier, the medicines delivery service has already proved to be very popular and we will be maintaining this beyond the current disruption. As a reminder, there is no limit on order size but please place your order by telephone before 0930 every morning. We will endeavour to get your order delivered that day, or if we have to order an item in, then sometime the following working day. We will maintain this service so long as we have the staff to do so but if too many are forced off, we will revert to a ‘McDonald drive-through’ system for collection. In this event, no-one will be permitted to enter the building. In any out of hours situations, there will be a full charge for delivery, and no discount.

Whittington and Oswestry based clients – In addition to all of the above, the office by Wynnstay is now shut. The free medicines delivery service can be utilised or if you prefer to collect your medicines from Glovers Meadow, non-refrigerated medicines can still be left in the locked red box outside the main gate.

Payments – As another reminder, for those that don’t already, please make more use of electronic payments, such as direct BACS payments – sort code 30 98 45, account number 00348408, name Shropshire Farm Vets Ltd. Alternatively payment can be made over the phone by card, or if necessary please post a cheque though we have already seen a substantial drop in all post.

Thank you again for your continued support and understanding.

TIM O’SULLIVAN 07909 517479
ROEL DRIESEN 07813 833385
JAMES MARSDEN 07876 443950
ROD WOOD 07809 227426
JOHN HEMINGWAY 07496 305412
SEAN HUGHES 07973 567367
JAMES ANDERSON 07852 289271
ROSA FERNANDEZ 07719 270835
MIHAIL STOICA 07948 475669
ALEX BEZMAN 07943 889285
ALEX CORNEA 07765 157263
CALIN BOGDAN 07425 314090