One of our practice values is to provide the same level of service to all clients no matter how large or small their holding. Smallholdings are becoming increasingly popular, and whilst a lot of people have some relevant knowledge or training, there is no substitute for experience. We are more than happy to provide essential training and advice to our clients to help you get the most out of your smallholding, and ensure that your livestock receive the right husbandry to maintain them in good health and welfare.

Here at SFV we offer a tailor made service specifically designed with smallholders in mind. Grunters, Grazers and Gobblers differs from most other smallholders’ organisations in that it is not only led and delivered by vets (with the expertise and experience expected from this~) but also affords its members financial, practical and literary benefits.

Run on a calendar year basis with membership renewed quarterly, GGG provides a bespoke newsletter and meeting/farm visits with ample opportunity to discuss any queries or issues you may be having.

Please check out our Blog/News page for forthcoming training/meetings or ring reception for further details on joining.

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