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Please find a collection of useful factsheets from the practice and our colleagues in XLVets. Let us know if there is anything you would like more information about or resources for on here.

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Bio-security systems do not have to be complex, and in fact are much more proficient if they are not.

Calf Scour

Calf scour is a frustratingly common disease experienced on the majority of cattle farms in the UK and around the world

Calving Difficulties

Calving difficulties (dystocia) contribute heavily to production losses.

Economics of BVD

The Economic Impact of BVD in a Herd.

Environmental Mastitis

Environmental mastitis is mastitis that is derived from the environment in which the cow live.

Infertility Dairy Herd

Infertility issues within dairy herds can be subtle, complex and costly.

Johnes Disease

Johne’s causes huge economic loss to the national cattle industry and yet its presence goes unrecognised in many herds. 


Milk Fever

Milk Fever has become an important production disease, with an average annual incidence of 4-9% in the UK. 


Oestrus Detection 

Heat Detection and Dealing with Problems


Routine Fertility Recording Sheet Teat Health

One of the key challenges for vets is to help farmers to keep cell counts low and to avoid costly cases of mastitis. 


Biosecurity – Control of Bovine TB

Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) is one of the biggest challenges facing the farming industry today


Foot Trimmer Recording Sheet 

Lamenesss Recording Sheet 







For many UK flocks, lameness is an endemic problem and prevalence has probably increased following the change in weather patterns to mild winters and wet summers.




Schmallenberg virus was first detected in August 2011 within Germany, spreading to the Netherlands, Belgium and now the UK.


 Metabolic Disease


Diseases affecting the sheep’s nervous system can affect sheep at all ages and points in the production cycle, presenting with a number of different signs including: blindness, depression, nervousness, scratching, circling or difficulty walking or standing.

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