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Our practice values include providing a high standard of veterinary care/service to all clients, irrespective of holding size. Smallholdings are increasingly popular and we are more than happy to provide essential training, support and advice to our clients; to help you achieve the most from your system. 


We can tailor plans to help tighten breeding patterns; improve productivity and reduce disease impact. Many people have some relevant knowledge, but there is no substitute for experience. We strive to ensure your stock receives the correct husbandry to maintain good health and welfare.


Our well-received courses run throughout the year; ranging from safe use of medicines to theever-popular lambing course (see Courses).


Whether planning a lifestyle holding or simply intending to farm on a smaller scale - we can help you achieve your goals. 


The only thing holding most people back is confidence and experience – we can’t give you experience but we can give you confidence! 

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