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Veterinary student EMS placements

As a busy, progressive farm practice, we actively encourage applications from veterinary students wishing to pursue a career in farm animal practice.


Please contact us through the VetEMS website or alternatively, email for more details.


You will be asked to complete an application form and provide an up-to-date CV.

We cannot guarantee placements for any students, but following this process will increase your chances of a successful application. Your first placement with us should be for 2 weeks.


We have a high level of student satisfaction and positive feedback – we believe this stems from our willingness to engage with students and an aim to ensure that they gain as much from their placements with us as possible. We generally prefer students to be in clinical 4th or 5th years but will accept 3rd year students with a particular farm interest.


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide school age work experience.

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