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AI (Artificial Insemination)

Have you always fancied doing your own AI-ing but never had the time/courage to try?  Two or three times a year, we run a four, full day DIY AI training course. The course has been designed by Semex and is fully accredited with Defra to qualify you to carry out artificial insemination. We have also run courses for people referred from the other A.I. companies and are happy to arrange courses in other parts of the country if we get sufficient interest.

The courses are run with a maximum of six trainees to ensure that each trainee gets as much practice as possible and semen placement is evaluated using ultra sound scanners.

We can also arrange A.I. refresher courses either on your farm or refresher training in conjunction with fertility workshops for groups of individual farmers.

If you are keen to find out more please ring the practice and speak to Tim.
Keep an eye on our blog posts/newsletters for details of the next A
I course.


Embryo Implant

With cows becoming more valuable and replacement costs increasing, getting the problem breeder in calf is more important than ever. These are the most frustrating cows; bulling on a regular basis but failing to conceive. They can now be treated by implanting a low cost embryo which could bypass certain causes of infertility.

The cow is inseminated as normal when a good standing heat is observed and then we will transfer an embryo 7 days later. It doesn’t matter if the heat is natural or synchronised, but  it has been shown that a synchronising programme gives the best response with good, tight, well demonstrated heats.

When selecting a cow for embryo transfer she must be free from disease of any sort, regularly showing heat (ideally at least 3 recorded natural heats since calving), and be in sufficiently good body condition.
For more information please contact the practice.

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