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Bull Breeding Soundness Examination


Recognising that the bull is “half your herd”, we offer Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations at the normal visit fee plus hourly rate. A fertile bull should be able to breed between 40 and 50 healthy cows, getting 90% of them pregnant in 9 weeks. Between 20 and 40% of bulls may be sub-fertile meaning they should either be replaced, or only bred to a reduced numbers of cows.
The bull needs to be in a crush with access to its back end and to its sheath!


• General physical exam, looking particularly at conformation and for lameness
• Scrotal exam and measurement (e.g. 2 year old must be more than 34cm around)
• Rectal exam to feel prostate and other glands
• Electrified probe inserted into rectum to stimulate ejaculation
• Examination of semen under microscope


The results are recorded on a standard BCVA form, which certifies the bull’s fertility status on that day. The best time to test bulls is annually, 1 month before mating is due to start. You might also want to test your bulls before a sale.

For further information please contact the practice.

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