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The vibrant British dairy industry is undergoing many changes. Over the past decade, dairy farmnumbers continued to fall, with producers in England and Wales now just over 7,500. Concurrently,herd size has increased from 125 cows to over 160 cows, the national herd size remained broadly flat, and UK milk production increased 9%. 

Cow welfare is of fundamental importance to the industry. There is growing consumer concern about food origins, environmental impact and animal welfare. Shifting public opinion has led to changes in milk contracts and the introduction of practices like mobility, body condition and cleanliness scoringas well as antimicrobial use monitoring. As technology improves, much of this data collection is being automated.

There is a bright future for dairying in the UK, producing a high-quality product that enjoys strong demand. We at Shropshire Farm Vets are committed to being a key part of this future, helping our farmers maximise their productivity, whilst maintaining excellent cow health and welfare.


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