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Johne's Disease

Clinical Johne’s disease, caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis bacteria affects older cattle with profuse scour and extreme weight-loss (sheep signs are generally less obvious). However, in recent decades the true disease impact as a major cause of reduced immunity and increased secondary problems (reduced production, fertility and increased mastitis, lameness, other diseases, etc) has become recognised.

In 2015, Britain’s world leading National Johne’s management plan scheme was launched; helping dairy producers’ better control and reduce potential Johne’s risks. This is achieved through risk assessment; targeted control strategies and analysis of regular individual animal testing. Most Johne’s positive cattle are infected under one month old, and preventing infection of young calves by adult cows is the corner-stone of these strategies.

Lasting Johne’s control takes time due to slow disease development. We at Shropshire Farm Vets have worked extensively with our clients, helping them with this process since 2013 and have taken a leading role nationally in driving this scheme. All our vets are BCVA accredited Johne’s Veterinary advisers, and we have had great successes helping our herds get ahead of this difficult disease.

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